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Ya su, I am Christos !

Spetses island

& Raised

I was born in Athens, but in reality, I am a true islander. My mother Athina, was from Chania, Crete, and my father, Nikolaos, from Spetses, which is the most southerly island of the Argo-Saronic Gulf. I live between Spetses and Athens and I am married to an extraordinary beautiful Italian woman, mother of my two sons who have turned my life into a dream.


I am a globetrotter and have sailed around the world. I believe that having great friends in countries around the world is the most valuable gift in life. I keep on travelling, tasting, listening and learning…My chef, the chef behind one of the greatest restaurants in Spetses will cook for you..


Being a restaurateur and hotelier for many years now, I consider myself a very lucky man. Filoxenia, the Greek word for friendship and hospitality towards strangers, is my ethos and I love it!

Christos speaks
English, Italian
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19 May 2017
Hi everyone, thank you for the opportunity to comment on my unusual experience in Spetzes. I have always been fascinated with anything involving the construction of native boat building. When I saw in this website that not only was I going to get a first hand view of boats combined with food and drink I was "hooked" like a fish from the blue Aegean sea. Christos was a joy to be around and his handling of the various fresh fish offerings was tempting. Everything , the food, the locale was as promised. But the thing that did it for me was in meeting a lovely lady from Oslo during this event , and the subsequent long walk we had by the shore until late into the night. We wanted to rest and have a drink somewhere, and without hesitation we went back towards where we had our afternoon lunch. As luck would have it we ran into Christos again where he kindly warmed us again with his generosity . The three of us had a few drinks and coffee late into the night. So, let me say that if it wasn't for Christos and the events of the day, I might never have met this lovely lady who is soon (hopefully) to be my wife. I can't thank you enough! Maybe the next time we do this again we'll ask him to be our best man?
Spetses island